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At Fenego we sincerely believe in profound partnerships. Therefore we select partners with the highest care, in order to provide our digital solutions in the most complete and fastest way possible, with the ultimate goal to deliver strong commerce experiences for our customers. 

Fenego continuously invests and honours its relations with partners in order to build long-term collaborations and alliances.

E-commerce platform


Intershop Communications AG is een aanbieder van een omnichannel handelsplatform. Intershop is het beste handelsplatform voor toonaangevende fabrikanten en groothandels met complexe bedrijfsstructuren, bedrijfsscenario's en/of IT-landschappen.

Innovative fintech platform


Adyen is a financial technology platform founded in 2006 by a group of entrepreneurs. It is the go-to payment platform in which end-to-end payments, valuable payment data and financial management are contained in one total solution which Fenego identifies as crucial for a future-proof payment platform.

The ultimate search & discovery experience


Algolia provides software and tools that allow you to implement efficient, flexible and insightful search on your sites and applications. This can empower any business to quickly create relevant, scalable, and lightning-fast search and discovery experiences.

A.I. based search & recommendations is the leading AI e-commerce solution that enhances your customer interaction, resulting in growth and improved customer experiences. Discover how strengthens your online business by creating unforgettable digital shopping experiences.

Advanced e-commerce optimisation


Tweakwise is a cutting-edge e-commerce solution that empowers businesses to enhance customer journeys, boost sales, and increase conversion rates. Through data-driven insights and intelligent algorithms, Tweakwise transforms the way you connect with your customers resulting in a seamless and personalized online shopping experience.

Online marketplace and dropship solution


Ready to turn your marketplace and dropshipping adventure into a digital spectacle? Look no further – Mirakl is the ultimate SaaS solution to add that extra sparkle to your online world! Imagine a seamless fusion with any e-commerce system, taking care of all the essential elements that transform an ordinary marketplace into something extraordinary.


Content management system


Step into the future of content management with Contentful - not just your average CMS, but an endlessly versatile and playful content platform! As the ultimate trailblazer in composable content management systems, Contentful brings the flexibility and scalability brands crave in today's dynamic digital landscape.

Your technology and innovation partner

The Cronos Groep

Cronos Groep, founded in 1991, evolved from a one-man business into a larger group with 8,000 employees. Cronos consists of a cluster of smaller IT and marketing oriented companies. One of the largest and better-known cluster companies is Xplore Group, of which Fenego is part of.

Innovation incubator

Xplore Group

As a fast growing company with Belgian roots, Xplore Group is an ecosystem of competence centers specialized in digital and IT profiles, services and solutions. Each competence center has its experts in a technology or solution.

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