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Mirakl is your ultimate SaaS superhero for effortlessly running marketplaces and dropshipping. It seamlessly blends with any e-commerce system, taking care of all the heavy lifting for your top-tier marketplace game – from setting up seller accounts to smoothly juggling product info, tight inventory control, and slick order processing.

Opting for this SaaS solution not only frees up loads of your time but also cuts down costs that would otherwise vanish into the black hole of building and maintaining your marketplace. Mirakl's tech isn't just intuitive and secure; it scales like a champ, paving the way for profitable digital expansion, whether you're the maestro behind a platform or the wizard handling payments.

With Mirakl's platform power, businesses can swiftly tap into fresh revenue streams by birthing digital marketplaces. Proven across various sectors, from retail to manufacturing, Mirakl delivers a sturdy, scalable solution that dances to the rhythm of modern business evolution.

And here's the cherry on top: Pairing Mirakl with Intershop unveils exclusive opportunities in the B2B segment. We're stoked to unravel these possibilities with you. Keep reading to unveil the spectacular features that Mirakl brings to the table. Ready to dive in? Let's roll!


The benefits of Mirakl

Rapid launch

Say goodbye to lengthy setups. Mirakl gets you online quickly, so you can start rocking the market in no time.

Endless scalability

Grow without limits! Mirakl effortlessly handles expanding product ranges, sellers, and transactions as your business skyrockets.

Diverse marketplace magic

Spice up your offerings by welcoming third-party sellers. More variety means more happy customers and a bustling, vibrant marketplace.

Cost-effective operations

Mirakl's automation wizardry slashes operational costs, leaving you with more resources to focus on what matters most.

Data-driven briljantie

Dive into insightful analytics to make informed decisions and spot growth opportunities. Mirakl puts the power of data in your hands.

Flexible and fun

Customize your marketplace with Mirakl's playful flexibility. It's your show; let your brand personality shine!

Slick integrations

Seamlessly blend Mirakl with your existing tech toolkit. It's like having a virtual sidekick that plays well with others.

Compliance confidence

No need to stress about rules and regulations. Mirakl's got your back, ensuring a secure and compliant marketplace playground.

Xplore Group's marketplace integration specialist

Discover the power of the Intershop x Mirakl integration with Operai!

Level up your marketplace game with Operai, a marketplace software integration specialist, proudly wearing the Mirakl Gold Partner badge and part of Xplore Group. Their success speaks volumes, with numerous triumphs in Mirakl implementations in the Benelux. They are not just specialists; they are your strategic guides, implementation experts and operational support, all in one.


Mirakl & Fenego

Synergies and expertise

Xplore Group's expertise – The secret sauce

Get ready for a tech-tango with Operai and Fenego, not just partners but sibling rockstars under the Xplore Group umbrella, the Belgian market leader in e-commerce integrations. This dream team combines Operai's Mirakl tech whizzes with Fenego's Intershop pros, making implementation projects a wild ride. It's not your average collaboration; it's a turbocharged alliance bringing the e-commerce A-game straight to your doorstep!

Mirakl and Intershop in the B2B segment - The dynamic duo

Ever wondered what happens when Mirakl meets Intershop in the B2B arena? Magic! Operai and Fenego don't just talk about unique opportunities; we create them. Your B2B segment isn't just a market; it's a playground for us to showcase the incredible possibilities that arise from this powerful combination

In-house developers - Where quality meets expertise

We don't just promise; we deliver with our in-house squad of developers. Fenego, a Platinum partner of Intershop, and Operai bring a double whammy – quality execution and laser-focused expertise. Your organization isn't just another client; it's a canvas for our tech-artists to create masterpieces.

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A powerful alliance for marketplace excellence