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Great search on your ecommerce platform is important. People are used to great search thanks to giant websites like Amazon and YouTube. However, it's perfectly normal for your business not to have the time or resources to develop great search on its own.

That's where Algolia comes in. Algolia provides software and tools that allow you to implement efficient, flexible and insightful search on your sites and applications. This can empower any business to quickly create relevant, scalable, and lightning-fast search and discovery experiences. 

For the search implementation part, Algolia empowers your developers to create and maintain great search experiences for your users. On the other hand, you have Algolia's analytics tool, which allows your business to easily collect and analyze information to better understand your users and tailor search and other business objectives to the needs of those users.

Whether you need great search for your mobile, desktop platform, app or all three, Algolia can provide you with the perfect solution to built search faster and better.

The benefits of Algolia

Fast and rich search experience

Algolia's search interface allows your end users to find what they are looking for and discover new products.

Fast implementation

Algolia offers a suite of tools that simplify the process of creating and integrating a complete search experience into your sites and applications.

Dashboard full of insights and analytics

The Algolia dashboard allows you to customize your search and easily view search analytics. Total control and easy optimization give you insights to fine-tune and customize your users' search experience.

Create best-in-class customer experiences together with Fenego and Algolia

With Algolia, you have an ever-evolving search solution backed by 500+ employees and industry-leading support services.

Fenego on the other hand, has a highly experienced team to seamlessly implement Algolia into your commerce platform.

Thanks to frequent webinars and training provided by Algolia, our developers are always up to date.

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