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At Fenego, we are committed to delivering exceptional e-commerce experiences that enable our customers to thrive in the digital marketplace. To achieve this mission, we strategically partner with Intershop, a globally recognized leader in e-commerce solutions. With decades of unparalleled expertise, Intershop Communications AG is the ideal choice for companies seeking success in today's dynamic online landscape.

Intershop has emerged as the leading commerce platform, specifically targeting large manufacturers and wholesalers struggling with complicated business structures, diverse business scenarios and complex IT landscapes.

Intershop's commerce platform extends its robust services to a prestigious list of industry giants, including Huisman Equipment, Coop, Daily Fresh Food, Ms. Schippers, Copaco and more.


The benefits of Intershop

The leading platform for B2B companies.

Seamless integration with your existing infrastructure, for standard solutions as well as company-specific applications.

Intershop offers a complete set of e-commerce functionality, headless frontend, and microservice architecture.

Strong and unique focus on Parts & Manufacturing industries

Platinum Intershop partner

Fenego has been recognized as a highly valued Intershop Implementation partner since 2008. Our profound technical experience and capability to execute successful projects is underlined by our platinum partner status, the highest Intershop qualification achievable.


Years of in-house Intershop developer experience


Successful unique Intershop commerce platform realisations


Distinctive system integrations completed

Why choose Fenego as your Intershop implementation partner?

You will receive assistance from highly experienced experts with knowledge of the technology platforms and integrations within your project.

You don't have to worry about technology. We do. You can focus on your own customers!

Your success is our success! Together, we ensure results. Whether it's a new project, replacing an existing solution, or taking over an ongoing Intershop project: together we make it a win!

We work with industry standards to provide you with the best possible set of solutions.

How nice is it to be able to work with more than 30 highly experienced and knowledgeable Intershop professionals? Very nice!

Collaboration is in our DNA. With your partners, with our e-commerce fellow companies within the Xplore Group, and with our colleagues in the Cronos Group.

Interesting Intershop customer cases



Taking digital commerce to the next level
For more than 50 years, midocean has been one of the leading suppliers for the European market of promotional products, textiles and printed business gifts. They work together with over 10,000 resellers who provide all customers with their order from the webshop. And that webshop was in urgent need of a thorough upgrade. Fenego to the rescue! Midocean had been running on the Intershop Platform for some time, but due to an outdated infrastructure and complex backend a number of limitations arose. In terms of both performance and stability, they saw the competition catch up with their leading position and customer satisfaction dwindle. Midocean identified the strong need to take their digital commerce platform to the next level…with a trustworthy partner in crime. They sought and found a long-term partner in Fenego to get the job done!
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Huisman Equipment

A state-of-the-art digital customer portal
Huisman, a prominent maritime industry leader, specializes in the construction of offshore equipment, including immense cranes, cutting-edge wind turbine tools, and state-of-the-art pipelay systems. With a global presence, Huisman has established itself as an industry innovator. To enhance their customer service even further, Huisman recognized the necessity of developing a digital customer portal as an extension of their already superior customer support. They enlisted the expertise of Fenego and the Intershop Commerce Platform to bring their vision to life.
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IGO Promo

IGO Promo

From online catalog to the best B2B webshop in the Netherlands
IGO Promo is a leading company in personalized promotional items for SMEs. As part of the Plato Group, IGO Promo focuses on the SME market through an e-commerce model, while sister company Compacon specializes in large corporate clients. In addition, Clipper, as an importer and printer of promotional products, is a major player in the market. Furthermore, IGO Promo recently won the award for best B2B webshop in the Netherlands, a well-deserved recognition for their years of dedication to digital transformation and improving the customer experience. We have the pleasure of speaking with Michael Brust, Commercial Manager at IGO Promo, to learn more about their strategy and approach.
  • Customer case
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