Taking digital commerce to the next level

For more than 50 years, midocean has been one of the leading suppliers for the European market of promotional products, textiles and printed business gifts. They work together with over 10,000 resellers who provide all customers with their order from the webshop. And that webshop was in urgent need of a thorough upgrade. Fenego to the rescue!


  • Boosted customer satisfaction
  • Regained trust in the system's capabilities
  • Stable and powerful experience
  • Increase in order conversions


  • 2020


  • Intershop 7.10
  • Microsoft Azure


Wanted: stability and performance

Midocean had been running on the Intershop Platform for some time, but due to an outdated infrastructure and complex backend a number of limitations arose. In terms of both performance and stability, they saw the competition catch up with their leading position and customer satisfaction dwindle. Midocean identified the strong need to take their digital commerce platform to the next level…with a trustworthy partner in crime. They sought and found a long-term partner in Fenego to get the job done!

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Intershop, Arxus and Fenego join forces

The existing content had to be reworked into a new environment. Once more, midocean selected the Intershop Commerce Platform, in combination with SQL Server on Azure Cloud. The decision for Intershop was made mainly because they are known in the market as a stable e-commerce platform that can support the envisioned growth of midocean.

Fenego immediately set to work on an audit of the existing webshop, in which, in addition to the infrastructure, also all existing processes and functionalities were examined. Based on this audit, numerous recommendations were made to improve the customer experience and provide a cloud solution. In collaboration with midocean, a number of KPIs have been set, such as customer satisfaction and performance. To measure is to know, right? After that, in consultation with the product owner, new functionalities were introduced in the webshop and the customer experience was further refined.

Powered by the strength of Xplore Group, a sister company of Fenego named Arxus, was introduced. Arxus' Microsoft Azure cloud expertise was used to provide the new e-commerce platform with future-proof and scalable hosting. The midocean webshop must ultimately be accessible 24/7!

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No challenge too big

The complexity of the data caused quite a few storms at sea. The webshop is using different currencies and thus requires many complex pricing structures. Fortunately, Fenego has extensive experience in implementing high-performance B2B pricing models in Intershop and in joint-collaboration advised midocean to optimize their pricing structures. This significantly improved performance and proved to be an important factor in overall customer satisfaction.

Fenego decided to fine-tune all relevant functionalities in the first six months after the initial implementation. After that, even more functional improvements were made, such as making the search functionality more intuitive or providing additional insight into production time. Integrating the custom Web2Print module turned out to be the biggest challenge, allowing products to be configured quickly and correctly.

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A seamless shopping experience & achieved KPIs

Curious to know if all that hard work paid off? Definitely! Midocean has more than achieved the intended result in terms of performance. After the go-live of the new e-commerce platform, the new webshop turned out to be no less than 40% faster! Moreover, the conversion rate increased by an astonishing 15%. In addition, no more downtime has been registered in the past year and 2 new versions of the webshop have been rolled out in a short period of time. That's not all! The new environment was received with applause after the go-live and boosted customer satisfaction from 6.8 to 7.6, measured by specialized surveys.

Furthermore, in collaboration with midocean, Fenego composed a roadmap for the rest of the year to take the midocean webshop to an even higher level. Thanks to the hands-on mentality and skill set of Fenego, midocean can offer its customers a seamless shopping experience in the upcoming years, based on a state-of-the-art infrastructure. Moreover, the predefined KPIs were met with flying colours. In conclusion, the e-commerce implementation for midocean can only be called a success story!

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