IGO Promo's rockstar performance in the Intershop world

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When the genius minds at Intershop hatched the idea of B2B Frontrunners, a global community for e-commerce maestros, we knew we had to ride the wave from the get-go! Picture this: a community where e-commerce wizards unite to surf the digital frontier and outshine the competition.

Why did we jump in? Well, our impressive track record of rocking the Intershop world made it a no-brainer! The Frontrunners platform is where we flaunt our victories, swap success stories, and dive into the nitty-gritty of practical use cases. And hey, with Igo Promo and their tech sidekick Adchieve in tow, we decided to spill the beans on our mind-blowing B2B webshop creation for Igo Promo.

Now, we won't keep you hanging – let's spill the tea on what we uncovered during the session. Brace yourself for some e-commerce wisdom!


Team, tools, triumph

IGO Promo's digital makeover

Let's take a peek into Igo Promo's impressive digital makeover. Imagine a company with roots reaching back to 1945, navigating the dynamic world of personalized promotional items and corporate gifts across Europe. IGO Promo, a frontrunner in this competitive space, boasts a team of 64 dedicated employees and a footprint in 13 countries.

Recently, Carlo van Veghel, the Category & Data Lead EU at IGO Promo, took center stage during the B2B Frontrunners session to unveil the exciting evolution of their company. Faced with stiff e-commerce competition, IGO embarked on a four-year adventure to reinvent itself. They meticulously crafted a stellar digital team and employed a myriad of tools, both on the marketing and technical fronts, to revolutionize their operations. The journey has been nothing short of remarkable!

As automation took the reins, IGO Promo's workflows and campaigns seamlessly collaborated, giving their entire platform a contemporary facelift. The result? A modern, B2B-focused experience that firmly positioned IGO Promo as an industry leader. Sustainability played a pivotal role, and they achieved this by seamlessly integrating various tools like Tweakwise, Active Campaign, Trustpilot, Adyen, and more, creating a robust e-commerce model.

  • Custom-made PIM system

    At the heart of IGO Promo's evolution lies the development of a custom-made Product Information Management (PIM) system. This game-changing move transformed IGO Promo into a thriving marketplace, curating an extensive collection of 12,000 items, a significant jump from their initial 1500. Taking control of data, content, and pricing, they optimized workflows and automated processes, generating detailed margin reports and streamlined categorization.

  • Enhanced user experience

    GO Promo has harnessed the power of Tweakwise as its ultimate tool for merchandising and search operations. Through a meticulously designed, data-driven system incorporating a remarkable 50 data points and unique features, IGO Promo has elevated the user experience to unprecedented levels. This strategic approach ensures that the most essential items take center stage, guided by intelligent up-sell and cross-sell rules that steer customers toward their preferred choices. The outcome? An unmissable online shopping experience and the foundation for a sustainable business model.

Fueling IGO Promo's advertising strategy

The dynamic partnership with Adchieve

Nina van Boxtel is here to spill the beans on the game-changing collaboration between IGO Promo and Adchieve, the wizard behind PPC management and search automation. This top-notch data science company has seamlessly integrated into IGO Promo's strategic toolkit, amplifying its composable commerce journey.

  • Adchieve's three-module flywheel

    Adchieve's award-winning software serves as a superhero for IGO Promo, comprising three powerful modules – Achieve Connect, Adchieve Automation, and Adchieve Insights. Together, they empower IGO Promo to excel in major campaigns, fine-tune their assets, and intelligently incorporate dynamic keywords.

    The Insights module is particularly fascinating, delving deep into the data to provide a comprehensive understanding of each ad's performance. Forget the usual stats – we're talking about the nitty-gritty details of profits, going beyond the basics to grasp the net margin. Exciting stuff!

  • Achieving success with cross and upsell

    A pivotal component of Adchieve's platform that propels IGO Promo's success is its ingenious cross-selling and upselling features. Adchieve's flexible approach recognizes that the advertised product may not seal the deal.

    The outcome: IGO Promo sees a significant boost in profitability and improved campaign management. Adchieve's profits and cross-sell insights showcase the platform's effectiveness in driving revenue and streamlining marketing efforts. This partnership exemplifies how innovation, data science, and strategic advertising lead to success in the evolving e-commerce landscape.

Fenego: the technical Intershop maestro

The heartbeat of IGO Promo's e-commerce triumph

In the grand symphony of IGO Promo's e-commerce triumph, Carlo van Veghel proudly reveals the heartbeat – the exquisitely tuned Intershop platform. Here at Fenego, we step into the spotlight as the technical maestros, fostering a nearly decade-long partnership that plays a pivotal role in enhancing IGO Promo's agility within the fiercely competitive market. Jens van Hal, Fenego's functional lead, now takes the stage.

  • Crafting seamless solutions

    Fenego, as a distinguished platinum Intershop Partner, specializes in realizing careful tailor-made e-commerce solutions. Our focus is on ensuring seamless integration with the Intershop platform, which serves as the cornerstone for IGO Promo's e-commerce journey and Adchieve's advertising efforts. According to Jens van Hal, Fenego is unwaveringly committed to stabilizing and optimizing IGO Promo's e-commerce environment, providing invaluable advice and achieving the company's long-term goals.

  • Towards a headless environment

    Beyond development, Fenego actively monitors the health of IGO Promo's online presence, recognizing the pivotal role of a swift webpage in customer retention. Guided by Fenego's strategic roadmap, IGO Promo is set to achieve milestones such as migrating to Intershop 7.10, reinforcing data power, and enhancing Adchieve's functionality. Plans also include transitioning to a headless environment with API-driven commerce, embracing cloud migration, and expanding composable architecture for enhanced flexibility.

A growth story

Key performance indicators

Carlo van Veghel concludes the transformative journey, attributing IGO Promo's remarkable success to the collaborative efforts of Adchieve and Fenego. Four key performance indicators underscore their growth: a doubling of online turnover, a 40% revenue shift from third-party suppliers, a significant 13.38% increase in average order value (AOV), and efficient scalability in managing millions of sales prices and campaigns with the same workforce.

IGO Promo's success story unfolds as a testament to strategic vision, collaborative partnerships, and the adept use of cutting-edge tools. Positioned at the forefront of the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape, IGO Promo stands out as a shining example of composable commerce done right. Their journey reflects innovation, adaptability, and customer-centricity in every note of the digital symphony that continues to play.

Intrigued by the insightful presentation from Jens, Nina, and Carlo? Watch it here.

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