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The Benefits of Cycling to Work: Mark's Story

  • Meet Mark, who found himself interning at Cronos Limburg on the Corda Campus after graduating in programming. Impressed by his skills, Cronos offered him a permanent contract, and soon after, Mark was introduced to Fenego. Thirteen and a half years later, Mark is still working at Fenego and loving it. He especially appreciates the camaraderie of his colleagues, the daily challenges he faces, and the opportunity to work with a diverse set of clients.

    Aside from his love for his job, Mark also finds joy in cycling to work. He finds it to be a fantastic way to kickstart and wind down his day. Initially, he used to drive his car to work, but as he began to have less time to cycle on the weekends, he switched to cycling. For the past decade, Mark has commuted to work on his recumbent bicycle, covering an impressive distance of approximately 140,000 kilometers, according to his records.

    Mark hardly finds any reason to leave his recumbent bike in the garage. Only extreme weather conditions such as a lot of snow or a storm, or technical problems with his bicycle, will force him to get into his car. For Mark, as long as his body allows him to, he will continue to bike to work.



On the road to work with Mark

Cycle along to the Corda Campus in the video below!

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