How Fenego welcomes new team members

Mastering onboarding

An effective onboarding process for new employees is an absolute necessity for any company. The initial experiences of new team members serve as the building blocks for their journey within a company. A well-crafted onboarding process goes beyond a simple welcome; it equips our rookies with the right tools, knowledge, and connections that are crucial for their growth. Moreover, an effective onboarding of our employees transforms them into genuine advocates for our company.

Our structured approach swiftly leads to full productivity and reduces the time required for new team members to make an impact. But that's not all! It also promotes job retention, strengthens engagement, and commitment right from the outset. As newcomers understand their roles and integrate into our company culture, their job satisfaction grows, which positively influences the entire organization.

In this post, we delve deeper into our onboarding process, shed light on its benefits, and share our inside insights at Fenego. We also feature stories from recent additions who illustrate how effective onboarding transforms newcomers into confident team members. Together, we aim for growth, success, and unwavering commitment.


Key components of onboarding

Het creëren van een positieve eerste indruk

Sending a welcoming email to new team members before their first day is an excellent way to leave a lasting positive impression. This small gesture has a significant impact, as it immediately makes new employees feel valued and welcomed, while also giving them an idea of what to expect. This sets the tone for a close-knit team atmosphere and opens the door to a highly motivated and engaged team. We're ready to excel!

First day experience

Our new colleagues begin their day with a warm welcome from the team and a welcome package filled with goodies, ensuring they feel right at home from day one. It's our way of showing how much we appreciate their arrival!

Following this, we conduct a well-organized introduction session, offering insights into their future responsibilities and discussing our company culture, values, and mission. This fosters engagement and motivation from the very start.

We conclude the day with a relaxed conversation to gauge how their first day went, allowing us to promptly address and resolve any concerns or questions.

Victoria shared: "The day started with an informational session with the managing partners, which felt familiar because I had spoken with them extensively during the interview process. After briefly getting to know my colleagues in the office, my initial nerves quickly dissipated. This made the beginning enjoyable."

Jeroen, new at Fenego, said: "The welcoming atmosphere and helpful colleagues made my first day stress-free and seamless."

Maxim noted: "Thorough preparation, including a ready-to-use laptop and company vehicle, reinforced my confidence in Fenego as an employer."

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Workplace training and mentorship

Onboarding is more than just getting a fancy title; it's a clear path. Our training plans outline the skills newcomers will develop and the goals they will achieve. They are also paired with a mentor or buddy to guide them and share insights.

In today's fast-paced world, learning is never-ending. At Fenego, we encourage continuous skill improvement during onboarding. We empower new employees to actively contribute to their own development and seize opportunities within our company. This not only keeps them up-to-date with the latest industry trends but also fosters a culture of innovation and adaptability within our organization.

Team integration

At Fenego, onboarding revolves around the seamless integration of new team members. Team activities and informal conversations are crucial for building strong bonds. We organize Padel sessions every six weeks, followed by relaxed gatherings with delicious snacks, allowing new colleagues to get to know their teammates better. We also encourage informal interactions in our game room, with activities like darts, and even a leisurely walk often leads to enjoyable conversations.

A strong sense of team unity results in engaged employees and a well-coordinated team in the workplace. This cohesive team is essential for delivering exceptional service to our clients and successfully completing projects. When new team members feel at home in our supportive team right from the start, they are motivated to fully commit to our company. This retention of talent and the dedication of our employees contribute to our collective success.

Jeroen shared his experience: "I quickly felt integrated into the team thanks to informal coffee machine chats and social activities like padel and the trip to Valencia, which contributed to a sense of belonging." Victoria added, "Everyone was very receptive and open. Colleagues immediately invited me to join in activities during breaks, such as walking and playing darts."

Regular check-Ins and feedback

At our organization, regular check-ins and feedback are an absolute necessity! They provide new team members with the opportunity to ask questions, share concerns, and align their expectations with our company's goals. This fosters satisfaction and productivity while helping to overcome obstacles. In our daily internal stand-up meetings, employees briefly discuss relevant issues. After the first month with us, we also schedule a feedback session to hear how new employees have experienced their onboarding.

Performance evaluations are essential in our onboarding process. They assess new colleagues, identify areas for improvement, and reward high achievers. These evaluations occur at critical junctures, allowing us to track progress, provide valuable feedback, and offer support for further development. It demonstrates our commitment to the growth and success of our employees. In some teams, particularly with younger colleagues, quarterly check-ins for feedback and personal goals are conducted. Communication and growth are at the core of our approach, and we want everyone to feel at home here!

Maxim appreciates the value of check-ins in his onboarding experience: "Thanks to feedback sessions and check-ins with colleagues, I feel more connected to the team, and the barrier to asking questions is lower. This enhances my learning process and integration at Fenego." Victoria shares a similar positive experience: "The valuable check-ins reassured me that I had the time to acclimate without immediate high expectations. This allowed me the space to grow and understand my role."

Striving for success together

Fenego’s onboarding

And that's Fenego's onboarding in a nutshell! It's evident that a well-organized onboarding process not only contributes to the success of our employees but also to the success of our company. Whether it's the exciting first day, the sense of camaraderie with the team, the training that propels you to new heights, or the valuable feedback that helps you grow, each step in this process contributes to a positive and productive work environment.

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