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Unlocking the power of progressive web apps

If you're a company looking to improve your customers' mobile experience, you may have heard about Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). PWAs are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to provide an app-like experience without app development, downloads, or installations. They offer flexibility, ease of use, offline capabilities, and customization.

As mobile browsing continues to grow, businesses must prioritize mobile user-friendliness and PWAs are the perfect solution to achieve this goal. They combine the best features of a mobile-optimized classic e-commerce website, which is responsive and accessible through a browser, with the benefits of a fully developed native app.

This article will explore what sets PWAs apart, their many benefits, and why companies should consider implementing them. Join us as we dive into the world of PWAs and discover how they can help you provide an exceptional mobile experience for your customers.

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Responsive Websites, Native Apps and Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

Understanding the differences

Are you unsure about the differences between a responsive website, a native app, and a Progressive Web App (PWA)? Let's break it down for you.

Responsive Websites

When it comes to mobile websites, the prevailing standard is a classic website featuring a responsive design that can be accessed through a mobile browser. These websites enjoy a broader reach since their content can be indexed by search engines, allowing them to reach a wider audience.

Native Apps

Alternatively, certain B2B companies may opt to provide native apps, specifically developed, maintained, and supported separately for various operating systems like iOS and Android. Native apps offer distinct advantages in terms of customer loyalty and user experience. However, developing and maintaining them requires a higher level of investment.

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

Enter the Progressive Web App (PWA), an amalgamation of the aforementioned approaches. A PWA combines the benefits of a mobile website—easily indexable content accessible to search engines—with the appearance and functionality of a native app. This entails intuitive navigation and enhanced performance. PWAs can even operate offline and are not limited to a specific operating system, ensuring a seamless experience across multiple platforms.In summary, a responsive website can be accessed via a mobile browser, maximizing its reach. A native app offers a superior user experience but demands significant investment in development and maintenance. On the other hand, a PWA provides a hybrid solution, delivering the best of both worlds: the broad reach of a website and the exceptional user experience of a native app.

Key benefits for businesses

Unleashing the power of PWAs

Fast loading times

PWAs use an efficient caching system through service workers, allowing for quick loading times even with limited internet connectivity.

Offline capabilities

PWAs can work offline and cache website content locally on the smartphone, providing users with access to content even when there is no internet connection.


PWAs offer a personalized experience with features like push notifications, allowing businesses to engage with users even when they're not on their websites.

Improved conversion rates

PWAs often have higher conversion rates than traditional web applications due to faster load times, better engagement, and offline functionality. This can result in more sales and increased revenue for e-commerce businesses.

Native app-like experience

PWAs provide an app-like experience with intuitive navigation and better performance, similar to a native app.

Boosted search engine rankings

PWAs are easily searchable by search engines, which can lead to higher search engine rankings and increased reach.


PWAs take up less space than a native app and eliminate the need for downloading via an app store, instead, they can be accessed through a regular URL.

Better data usage

PWAs minimize data exchange by caching website content locally on the smartphone, resulting in a data minimalist experience. This is especially important when dealing with limited data volumes.

Simplified development efforts

With PWAs, businesses don't need to hire specialized app developers as they can work across all devices and operating systems, saving time and money.

Transforming your e-commerce business

Intershop's PWA

  • Intershop's Progressive Web App (PWA) is the perfect solution for your e-commerce business. With a mobile-first approach, customers can enjoy an app-like experience with familiar features like catalogs, products, and personal accounts available offline and updated automatically when online.

    For example, our customer Huisman Equipment, the top player in the crane and heavy marine construction equipment industries caters to clients who often operate in remote locations with limited or no internet connectivity, such as vessels in the middle of the sea. To overcome this challenge, Huisman has turned to the Intershop Commerce Platform, which offers progressive web application capabilities that can function offline, ensuring uninterrupted access to vital information and services.

  • In turn, our customer case for Coop, a prominent supermarket chain in the Netherlands, provides an excellent example of how a Progressive Web App (PWA) can also benefit B2C customers. With a strong online presence being essential to their success, Coop's PWA facilitates a seamless omnichannel experience. Customers can initiate a purchase on their smartphone, and the PWA's offline availability means they can do so even without an internet connection. Later, customers can pick up where they left off on their PC or tablet, with all the data automatically syncing once back online. This exceptional functionality not only enhances the customer experience but also boosts customer loyalty and satisfaction.One of the key advantages of Intershop's PWA is better reach - the content on the web page can be indexed by search engines and displayed in search results lists. You can also avoid the hassle of customers having to download and update an app. Intershop's PWA is always up-to-date and ready to go!Developing a PWA is also more cost-effective than a native app as it's a one-stop solution that works across all devices and operating systems. With Intershop, you get a PWA out-of-the-box with all the essential functions. Simply customize the template to match your brand and add your products - and you're good to go!

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