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Inpulse 2022

As strategic Platinum Intershop partner, Fenego will attend the upcoming Intershop Inpulse event. Besides joining inspiring talks and meet-ups, Fenego will host a keynote concerning the transformation to a servitisation based business model to maintain market leadership.

Martijn Reissenweber, global director at Huisman services, will join as announced speaker at Intershop Inpulse to elaborate on how Huisman quickly transformed their business model when their competitive position came under pressure. Fenego actively guided and supported Huisman Equipment through its digital transformation using its profound expertise and best practices.

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Date June 23, 2022
Location Amsterdam, NL
Customer case Huisman Equipment


How to transform to a servitisation based business model to maintain market leadership?

When Huisman's competitive position came under pressure, they knew they had to act swiftly. Research showed that the purchasing behavior of their customers changed. Their customers now expect more efficiency and reliability in service-related offerings and prefer digital (self-) services. Huisman adapted rapidly by changed their business model, introduced customer portals and they stepped-up even more: to improve internal processes and reduce inefficiencies.

About our customer

Huisman Equipment

Huisman designs, manufactures and services heavy construction equipment for the world’s leading companies in the renewable energy, oil and gas, civil, naval and entertainment markets. Their products range from Cranes, Pipelay Equipment, Drilling Equipment and Winches, to Vessel Designs and Specials.

Fenego supports Huisman in the transformation of their technology stack towards a complex and cutting-edge solution.

About the speaker

Martijn Reissenweber

Martijn Reissenweber, global director of Huisman services will join as at Intershop Inpulse to explain how Huisman handled the situation. With 27 years of service Martijn is a loyal force and knows the tricks of the trade. His career at Huisman Equipment started as a service engineer. In this role he spent many hours on board of ships in international waters, always looking for the best and most efficient solution, often with limited resources.

With his knowledge and experience, Martijn grew with the organisation. After various executive roles, he continued his career as project manager. After that, he managed various departments: engineering, installation and commissioning. Always in close contact with the customer and his colleagues in the field. In 2012 he founded the Huisman Academy with great passion and pleasure. Since 2018 he has been active in his current position as global director Huisman services.

His motivation has remained unchanged since his first day at Huisman Equipment: to make customers successful. Martijn believes in the power of togetherness and values teamwork. As a keen cyclist he understands the importance of working together better than anyone, keeping each other out of the wind and strengthening each other. With his service-oriented mentality, he sees it as his mission to further digitalise services without losing the human social aspect.

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