Bridging tech and compassion

Empowering IT talent for a purposeful internship

At Fenego, we believe in the power of technology to create a better world. That's why we take pride in partnering with an organisation like LuKiArt vzw, in the ‘Kunstopmaatvanhetziekekind’ project, an initiative with a heartwarming mission.

And our own mission? Providing a meaningful internship where ambitious IT students can apply their technical skills for a good cause, leaving a lasting impact.

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LuKiArt vzw

Artistry with children

LuKiArt's mission is simple yet powerful: to inspire as many children as possible to 'artify.' They deliberately chose the term 'artify' because it goes beyond mere crafting. Artifying is actively creating art together with children and fully sparking their imagination to make art. This applies to all kids, without limitations. Even children who are dealing with severe and/or chronic illnesses are encouraged to tap into their inner artist and nurture their creative growth. At LuKiArt vzw, it's all about active artistic expression, where the child is the director of their creative journey.

Art with and for ill children

Empowerment through creativity

LuKiArt vzw excels in creating art with ill children by organizing workshops in collaboration with partner organizations dedicated to the well-being of sick children. Whether it's done in a group setting or individually at the child's home, the process always begins by nurturing the child's ideas, techniques, or stories. At LukiArt, the emphasis is not on what a child can't do (anymore), but rather on what the children excel at. At LuKiArt vzw, they adapt to the child's abilities, tailoring both the approach and materials to their needs while letting the child take the lead – from choosing colors to techniques. The focus is on the child and their creative expression.

An opportunity to make a difference


At Fenego, we've joined forces with LuKiArt vzw to supercharge their incredible mission. The purpose of this app is to make all the vibrant artworks and creative content crafted by LuKiArt over the years available to even more children, especially those who are unwell. But hold on, there's more! This app is specially designed so that sick children can order complete craft kits and have them delivered right to their doorstep, complete with tutorials to create their own masterpieces. And here's the even cooler part: they can share their creations on the platform and be rewarded for their creative skills. How awesome is that?!


Connecting with kids

LukiArt's challenge

The primary challenge in this project is reaching out to children in a way that resonates with them. Our goal is to discover an approach that is both accessible and incredibly engaging for kids. We must find a way to communicate with children effectively and encourage them to wholeheartedly participate in the world of art. The impact of LukiArt vzw on the lives of families with sick children is profoundly powerful and emotional. It's a transformative journey, where even the tiniest artworks become priceless treasures for parents.

IT students become LuKiArt heroes

Young talent, big impact

This is where students step into a pivotal role. As IT students at Fenego, they have the opportunity to actively engage in the development of LuKiAppie. They can harness all their skills and passion to lend a helping hand to sick kids, ignite their creativity, and show them they're not alone. This internship isn't like any other; it's one with a profoundly impactful mission that will leave an enduring mark on the lives of these young patients and their families. Pretty cool, right? Follow us to stay in the loop about the latest updates on this project!

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