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From internship to project lead

  • In 2011, Jens and Jonas, two students from the KDG Hogeschool, started their internship at Fenego. Jens was allowed to borrow his mother's car and went to pick up Jonas at the station. However, they were quickly able to get rid of this arrangement and have now been driving around in a Fenego company car for about ten years.

    Jens and Jonas made an impression during their eight-week internship at Fenego and were therefore offered a permanent position. The nice work environment at Fenego and the colleagues with a high degree of expertise made the decision very easy for them to start working as developers at Fenego. Fast forward to 2022 and Jens & Jonas can still be found in our offices together. During their eleven years at Fenego, they received support to realize their personal ambitions and every opportunity to discover and try new things.

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  • For example, Jonas has filled various positions as a developer over the years, from back-end to front-end and a combination of both. He was given more responsibility over the projects and is now a technical architect at Fenego.

    Jens is the perfect example that changing roles is possible within Fenego. During a project he was allowed to take on both a technical and functional role. The latter particularly appealed to him, so in the next project he had the opportunity to work as a functional analyst and now he is a functional lead.


Jens & Jonas

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