Celebrating 15 years of success

Fenego goes Valencia #15YF

Fenego has been thriving for an impressive 15 years, a milestone worth celebrating! To honor this significant occasion, we invited our entire team to embark on a delightful weekend getaway in the enchanting city of Valencia. It was an opportunity to raise our glasses to our incredible team, reminisce about the countless cherished memories we have created together, and set our sights on the exciting journey ahead! Allow us to share the highlights of our unforgettable weekend.


Kicking off a vibrant weekend in Valencia

Delicious welcome dinner

Our excitement soared as we landed at the airport of lively Valencia. A comfortable bus whisked us away to our hotel, preparing us for an incredible weekend ahead. We wasted no time and headed straight to a restaurant, indulging in the delicious Spanish cuisine, fine wines, and whiskey. The latest did not fit everyone’s taste, leading to hilarious and unforgettable facial expressions. Satiated and content, we headed back to our hotel, eagerly anticipating the adventures awaiting us.

During our journey back to the hotel, a few of our colleagues stumbled upon a shisha bar, adding an extra touch of uniqueness to our Valencia experience. It was quite an adventure as we discovered that cheesecake-flavored shisha doesn't quite match up to the real thing in terms of taste. We also realized that we have some room for improvement before we can master the art of blowing smoke rings. It's fascinating how you learn more about your co-workers in unexpected moments like these! These escapades truly showcased the sheer delight of being in this vibrant city alongside our cherished colleagues.

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A perfect blend of business and adventure

Interactive session followed by an unforgettable jeep tour

After a delicious breakfast (with churros!), we kicked off our day by heading to the Xplore Group offices in Valencia. Reflecting on Fenego's accomplishments and looking ahead, we engaged in an interactive session with our team, gathering valuable feedback to shape an even better future.

But our journey to Valencia was not just about business! A waiting bus signaled the start of our exciting adventure: a thrilling jeep tour through Calderona Natural Reserve. Taking the wheel of our yellow 4x4 vehicles, we embarked on an off-road expedition, exploring the breathtaking mountains of Calderona. Along the way, we marveled at stunning vistas and indulged in an appetizing tapas lunch, fostering stronger connections among us.

Upon returning to the hotel, some of us relaxed by the rooftop pool, while others ventured into the heart of Valencia for refreshing drinks. Eventually, we all reunited at Canalla Bistro, where we were treated to an exceptional tasting menu that left us in awe. A true recommendation! In fact, some colleagues are already making plans to return to Valencia specifically to dine at Canalla Bistro with their spouses. Although it should be noted that not everyone's espresso martini ended up where it belonged, the night was filled with laughter and joy. As the night unfolded, it was no surprise that a few adventurous souls found themselves grooving to the rhythm of a local bar, creating more memories to cherish.

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Biking, sailing and beachside celebration

Exploring Valencia's rich culture

  • After a leisurely morning, it was time to immerse ourselves in the cultural treasures of Valencia. Hopping on bicycles, our guide led us through the city, unveiling its fascinating history and vibrant culture. Concluding the bike tour at the marina, we eagerly boarded a private catamaran, ready to embark on a captivating ocean adventure. With refreshing drinks and upbeat music, we cruised along the picturesque Valencia coastline, reveling in the coastal breeze.

    When the boat anchored, a few brave souls could not resist the allure of the blue water, plunging in for a revitalizing swim. Their contagious enthusiasm quickly spread, and before we knew it, the entire team was joyfully splashing around, caught up in the moment.

    image.2000.2000 (35).jpeg
  • As the day drew to a close, we bid farewell to the sea, rinsed off the salt water, and dressed up for an unforgettable evening at a beach club in the marina. Indulging in a dinner and reveling in the celebratory atmosphere, we brought our weekend to a stylish and memorable conclusion.

    The following day arrived early, and although it was challenging to leave behind such incredible experiences, we boarded the plane as a united and invigorated team. We were recharged with fond memories, fueling our desire to conquer new shared goals and inspiring client projects ahead!

Relive our fantastic trip


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