Building bridges in the world of composable commerce

Contentful-Intershop Connector

Gone are the days of limited choices in e-commerce! Welcome to the era of composable commerce, where you're no longer confined to the basic functionalities of your platform. Here, we have the freedom to pick and choose the best technologies and seamlessly integrate them with our favourite e-commerce platform through API connectors. We embrace Contentful as the ultimate choice for content management within an e-commerce architecture that utilizes a headless front end.

Looking for a powerful B2B commerce platform? Enter our partner Intershop, the undisputed champion. But it doesn't stop there – we believe in forging connections between great technologies. Cue the drumroll, because we're introducing our latest creation in collaboration with our sister company Two Point O: the Contentful-Intershop Connector!


The invisible bridges of the digital landscape


  • What is a connector?

    Imagine this: a world where software applications chat with each other like old friends, without any glitches or misunderstandings. That's exactly what a connector does. It acts as an invisible bridge between two different systems or apps, allowing them to chat as if they speak the same language. Whether it's translating protocols, formats, or data structures, a connector makes communication effortless. This enables systems to seamlessly communicate with each other and exchange data, even if they weren't originally designed to work together.

    The power of a connector is invaluable when it comes to smoothly, quickly, and user-friendly integrating various technologies. It opens the door to a world where businesses aren't hindered by technical obstacles but instead can thrive in the versatility and strength of their digital ecosystem. With a connector, for example, we can combine the e-commerce capabilities of the Intershop platform with the Intershop PWA and the dynamic content features of Contentful.

  • Contentful connector

    Introducing the Contentful Connector – not your average technological middleman, but rather a digital superhero in the world of e-commerce. This connector makes the exchange of product information between Intershop and Contentful a breeze. It empowers content managers to effortlessly create content about new products and categories, tapping into the wealth of information available within Intershop. Ensuring content remains current, the connector fetches all relevant information from Intershop, even with changes in product or category data.

    For e-commerce businesses already benefiting from the robust B2B commerce framework of Intershop and seeking advanced content management, Contentful is the perfect match. Instead of burdening developers with manually integrating Contentful APIs with the Intershop framework, our Contentful-Intershop connector offers an elegant solution. It acts as a digital bridge builder, seamlessly bridging the gap between these platforms.

Benefits of the Interhop-Contentful connector

Simple integration

Don't worry about the technical complexity of connecting Contentful to Intershop. The connector simplifies much of the process, making integration more accessible.


As both Contentful and Intershop continuously update their systems, the connector ensures that the integration remains smooth, even in the event of updates to either platform.

Time saver

No more manual implementations. The connector streamlines processes, freeing your e-commerce team to focus on delivering great products and seamless online experiences to customers.

Intershop PWA ready

As a platinum partner of Intershop, Fenego has ensured that the headless PWA (Progressive Web App) of Intershop includes the option to integrate Contentful's content model for the homepage. This provides the flexibility to enhance the content needs for each project.


The Intershop-Contentful connector seamlessly integrates into a composable architecture, allowing it to flexibly collaborate with other e-commerce components.

A dynamic duo in action

Fenego and Two Point O

This journey started with a simple need: managing product information and digital content from Intershop in Contentful.

Fenego and Two Point O joined forces to create the Contentful Connector. A flawless collaboration that beautifully illustrates the magical synergy between Xplore Group's subsidiaries.

More power, more impact

The future

This is just the beginning of our journey. We have plans for further developments, such as managing various channels within the connector. Imagine the boundless flexibility of Contentful, combined with the powerful capabilities of Intershop. Our connector opens the door to a world where e-commerce is not only more advanced but also more enjoyable and engaging. So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the future of e-commerce with our Contentful-Intershop connector and discover how technologies work hand in hand to transform your online experience!

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