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Copaco is one of the top 3 Dutch ICT distributors and is active in the Benelux and France. With approximately 400 employees, Copaco supplies computers, printers, networks, data storage, mobile telephony, software, industrial and consumer electronics. In addition, the company also offers a comprehensive portfolio of services related to server, storage, mobility and logistics fulfillment and cloud services. Copaco is working hard to improve the customer journey and experience to serve their customers in the best possible way.


  • Powerful B2B platform
  • Uniform approach
  • Future-proof architecture


  • 2020


  • Intershop 7.10
  • Microsoft Azure


Enhance the digital commerce platform

Copaco's mission is very clear. They want to be a one-stop-shop for products, services and knowledge in the field of IT and Communication Technology. Offering self-service to their customers is one of their spearheads.

Today, business customers expect that they can order something just as easily in a B2B webshop as in a larger consumer webshop. As the customer journey and customer experience must increasingly resemble those in B2C, it is of great importance for Copaco to improve these.

In order to optimize highly customer-oriented functionalities, it was necessary to improve the digital platform for maximum stability, performance and cost efficiency. The key to a successful online IT distribution store is being able to rely on both the infrastructure and the application platform. The different product types (hardware, software and services) also require seamless integration with specialized backend systems.

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Solid architectural setup

With a portfolio of more than 55,000 products from 150 brands, it was important to choose a platform that could flawlessly render a large number of products. That is why Copaco chose for the Intershop Commerce Platform at the time, with Fenego as implementation partner.

Thanks to a long track record of successful commerce projects in a wide variety of markets, Fenego can guide any organization in creating a digital competitive online experience for their valued customers, taking into account the specific selling points, wants and needs of that specific organization.

This requires a specific combination of analysis, hands-on technical approach, up-to-date innovative capabilities and performance tweaking. After a hands-on audit, Fenego was able to deliver a solid architectural setup around the Intershop e-commerce engine, which is proactively monitored 24/7. A complete and efficient devOps flow ensures that functions are rolled out quickly and efficiently.

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Customer portal & selfservice

To create a B2C-like customer journey and customer experience for B2B customers, Copaco has deployed a self-service portal. On this portal, copaco now offers their customers the option to find order and product-related information faster and easier. For Copaco, it is important to make it as easy as possible within one and the same portal for the customer.

As data becomes increasingly important for further growth within e-commerce, Copaco uses data to further personalize and make a difference. They link customer behavior and their marketing segments to data, providing the customer with increasingly relevant information.

The self-service portal also increases the efficiency and added value of the sales team. The contact moments between customer and sales are becoming scarcer, but much more qualitative. The digital transformation improves internal efficiency with time-saving, transparent digital B2B sales, service and logistics processes.

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Tailor-made total solution

This results in a modern, future-proof one-stop webshop: the place for 55,000+ products, services and knowledge, based on the Intershop Commerce Platform. The shop now includes a self-service customer portal where customers can change address details, view order and invoice data and much more. now has various powerful B2B functions and a seamless integration into the IT landscape (Microsoft Dynamics).

It is a tailor-made, total solution that guarantees a smooth and lightning-fast experience for end users and a reliable comfort for business stakeholders to plan new features.

The stability of the platform and the automated process allows the technical team to turn the required functions into solid extensions of the Intershop core platform, supporting the unified vision of The services managed by Fenego provide the necessary feedback and insights about the behavior of the system, so that potential problems can be proactively avoided. In addition, Fenego assisted Copaco in selecting new technologies that can increase order conversion or the end-user experience in general.

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