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Coop customer case

Coop is one of the leading supermarket chains in the Netherlands with a strong online presence. They are strongly committed to offering an omni-channel experience to their customers both online and in their 300+ stores. To make this strategy happen and to keep it optimized, they turned to Fenego in 2018. It became a long-term collaboration where we keep Coop's webshop performing and future-proof. 

Coop implemented Intershop back in 2016 to be able to show the right products, prices and promotions for each store in their webshop. They chose Intershop because of the channel structure that can be set up without custom written code and because it was a proven technology at the time.

In 2018, Fenego became a co Intershop partner for Coop. At the start of the project, we sat down with Coop to make sure we were on the same page in terms of vision, objective and timing. As soon as we had a clear picture of this, we got to work.

It all started with a migration from the Intershop 7.7 environment to Intershop 7.10 where the hosting also switched to Amazon Web Services. 

Together with an external partner we switched from a responsive starter store to Progressive Web Apps. Fenego took care of the backend part.

This headless setup offers more flexibility than traditional architecture and it keeps Coop's customers happy. They can effortlessly start a purchase on their smartphone and continue it later on their PC or tablet, everything staying in sync anytime, anywhere.

“From the moment Fenego took over the technical responsibility of Intershop, we noticed an improvement in our results and in the in-house confidence at”  

Roel van Alebeek - Intershop Architect at

To make sure that no more changes were needed in the core of Intershop, we introduced microservices. This setup makes it possible to keep up with rapid changes in consumer behavior, shorten time to market and scale quickly.

In close collaboration with Coop, we built a high-performance e-commerce environment where customers feel completely at home and can shop in an intuitive way. 

We can quickly adapt to optimize the environment for future customer needs. All this was rewarded with an award for the most popular supermarket webshop of the Netherlands in 2021!

Fenego and Coop will keep working together in offering the ultimate customer experiences.


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