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"Once your shop is live, a process of continious optimization starts."
By Nick Janssens
Commerce Consultant

As soon as your commerce project is live, a process of continuous optimization begins.   What´s more, it requires a great deal of time and energy in order to enable relevant visitors - both existing and new - to surf to your website. Thanks to SEO and SEA, you can score high on search engines. Fenego can even accompany you, if desired, in setting up different test methods in order to optimize the customer journey. Further, you can also respond to personal needs. Prediction models help you to forecast e.g. when is the ideal time to increase your stock. In brief, we offer customized advice for achieving the established targets (KPI´s) and significantly strengthening your brand.

Search Engine Marketing

As soon as your commerce platform is built, you would like to get relevant visitors over the digital floor. After all, potential customers are supposed to come see you, not your competitor. Search engine optimization (abbreviated "SEO") enables your website to score better in organic search results. We offer advice about content, structure and technology in order to give your brand greater visibility and attract the right visitors. We then agree on a process for achieving pre-defined goals. 


Do you want to attain high rankings in the short term? Our marketing experts are also specialized in SEA, or Search Engine Advertising. After we´ve drawn up the various goals together, we work on a step-by-step plan in order to bring interested visitors to your website at the right moment. A readily-understandable dashboard gives you insights into the results at all times, so you can make adjustments as desired. 

Measure & Testing

Once your webshop is up and running, it doesn´t stop. Constant refinement is a must. Perfection is the ultimate goal. You made various choices during the strategic workshops. Sometimes on the basis of experience, sometimes from a gut feeling. Were these decisions the right ones? You will only really know once your website goes live.


We can continuously improve by constantly testing and evaluating your pages. Our consultants use a variety of testing methods in order to perfect the user experience. Via remote unmoderated tests we can obtain task times, error ratios, satisfaction scores and so on. A/B testing makes it possible to choose variants that deliver the highest conversions, and via click testing we learn about how visitors navigate on your website. With these results and insights we know, for example, what calls to action work best and what content your target group prefers. What are your efforts producing? Where do your visitors come from? What do they do on your website? Measuring is knowing.


Personalization is much more than calling your customer by his or her first name. Do something with the information you receive from earlier visits or orders. Point the way to relevant content and customized offers. Do you know the location of a potential customer? Use that. Is he surfing to a particular product for the third time? Then automatically offer a discount in order to win him over. Analyze the order history in order to personalize the homepage or e-mail campaign. Or make use of weather forecasts in order to put relevant products in the spotlight. In short, make use of the multiple data present in order to seduce, convince or advise a potential customer.  

Data Science

Collecting data isn´t difficult. The art is to translate it into usable information. Our data scientists have amassed a great deal of experience regarding prediction models. As a result, you can gain greater insights into your customers and their buying behavior. 


Prediction models will allow you to establish facts such as which products you should show your customers when they add their first item to their shopping basket. Even after a customer has placed an order, it’s good to know how likely they are to cancel it. And you can be sure that your warehouse people will appreciate this information. 


The possibilities of these prediction models are endless and do not have to focus solely on your customers. For example, it is also perfectly possible to predict a future server load or discover when you have to increase your stocks. With the help of the right tools, we prepare reliable and substantiated reports from which you can derive not only many insights, but also opportunities and more business. 

Our approach

Fenego has a multidisciplinary team of specialists in-house. We work for a maximum return on your marketing budget. In order to guarantee the quality and timing, we do everything with our own enthusiastic experts. Does your omni-channel project need a vigorous boost? Questions about one of our services? Contact us (under no obligation) for an appointment with one of our professionals.