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"A multidisciplinary team brings your commerce strategy to life."

A carefully worked-out strategic plan is an absolute must, but it´s only a starting point. A multidisciplinary team of experienced professionals is ready to fully develop your online identity. Our enthusiastic web designers, marketers, business analysts and developers work together closely on a user-friendly and interactive responsive website with fast loading times and the best technologies. The end result? A robust, beautiful website that meets your requirements and offers the perfect customer experience. A matter of giving your customers a pleasant experience before, during and after a purchasing process.

Web design

A creative team of passionate web designers goes to work with the strategic blueprints. They make a graphic translation of the wireframes on the basis of the functional design. The result? A fresh webshop with the right look and feel. Flexible? That too. So you can very easily add new content or pages in the future. Legibility, interaction possibilities, recognizability or different screen colors? Our designers know the do´s and don´ts and pay attention to every detail throughout the design process.


Our creative experts are not only pixel precise, but also make your webshop fully future-proof. Thanks to a responsive design, your customers get an optimal user experience, regardless of the device they´re using.

Front-end web development

The front-end web developer takes the static design developed by the web designer on the basis of the UX workshop and makes it interactive by converting everything into HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Our web developers are experts in linear and logical thinking. They bring every button, hyperlink and image to life and make sure that your webshop runs perfectly on every browser. Whether on your computer, smartphone or tablet. And they´re constantly optimizing code so that your pages load lightning fast, without forfeiting anything on the aesthetics. The result is a usable and interactive webshop full of dynamic content that also scores high in search engines like Google or Bing. 

Back-end web development

A great deal of ´back-end´ web development is necessary in order to have your webshop run optimally. Despite the fact that these technical tasks aren´t visible for your customers, they are extremely important in ensuring your commerce project runs smoothly and could encompass picking up information from the back-office of your webshop, saving data or implementing online payment methods. Our back-end developers excel in several programming languages and allow your webshop to work optimally and fluidly. 

Our approach

A multidisciplinary team of enthusiastic experts guides you through the design and development phase of your project until every pixel and each piece of HTML code is in the right place. We often use the scrum philosophy in order to transform to omni-channel. We´ve repeatedly demonstrated that we can come up with strong ideas and clear solutions via short sprints and the bundling of forces. Still prefer a traditional project methodology? That works too. After implementation, we carry out carefully-designed test scenarios so that you can be confident about achieving a greater return from your commerce activities.


Planning to start up an omni-channel project? Or do you want to take the next step with your commerce project? Our experts are ready for you.