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The next step for IGO Promo in B2B commerce with Intershop 7.5

Koen Suys
Project Manager

IGO Promo has been the market leader in business gifts and printed promotional products for over 70 years.  The new B2B platform plays a key role in their digital strategy.

Kevin Box
Commerce Consultant
Curious about the possibilities of Intershop?

IGO Promo has been the market leader in business gifts and printed promotional products for over 70 years. The Dutch company, with branches in several European countries, believes that ‘The Experience of Giving!' builds and strengthens relationships. In order to expand its digital strategy, IGO Promo has once again chosen Fenego and Intershop, a combination that built its previous platform too.


Scrum approach

An analysis phase started as early as last year (2014) with a team of some 25 employees, including 8 Fenego staff. The actual development started in January this year (2015). The development process was broken down into sprints. This scrum approach ensured the right dynamic and efficiency to achieve the desired result on time (launch July 2015).


Customer experience

The development of the new B2B platform is a major part of the continued expansion of IGO Promo’s digital strategy. It is a strategy in which customer experience plays a key role. That is why a ‘My IGO Promo’ environment within the web shop was chosen, where the customer can find his offline and online orders, re-order products, ask for quotes etc. 


This is the second time that IGO Promo has chosen Fenego as its partner and Intershop 7.5 as its e-commerce engine and CMS, in the process laying the foundations for the years to come. 



Migration to Intershop 7.5 as the foundation of the digital development in the comming years


Real-time connection to Microsoft AX (ERP) and Stibo Trailblazer (PIM) via web services
My IGO Promo where the customer can view orders/quotes/logos
Responsive design for tablets, m-site for smartphone users
Redundant structure of Camel and SOLR
Integration of Logoview
12 shops
Migration to Amazon Web Services (AWS)


With the new platform, customer experience plays a key role