On the road to work with Mark

Onderweg naar het werk met mark

After graduating in programming, Mark was looking for an internship close to home. That is how he ended up at Cronos Limburg on the Corda Campus. After he was offered a permanent contract, Cronos introduced Mark to Fenego. Mark believed Fenego was a nice group to work with, so he decided to stick around. For 13.5 years already.

What he likes most about working at Fenego are the colleagues, the challenge of the work and the variety with the customers. What he also finds a huge advantage is that he can cycle to the Corda Campus. “That way I have a nice start and a nice end to the day,” he says.

In the beginning, Mark usually came by car, until he had less time to cycle on the weekends. Initially he came to work with his regular bicycle, but he soon switched to his recumbent bicycle, which he has been riding for 10 years now. "If I'm to believe my bookkeeping -I occasionally have to report my mileage- I've already cycled about 140,000 kilometers to work and back."

Mark knows few reasons to leave his recumbent bike in the garage in the morning. Only a lot of snow, a storm or technical problems with his bicycle cause him to get into his car. "As long as my body doesn't say no, I'll keep biking to work," says Mark.

“By biking you have much more opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere of the sunrise in the morning and you can also clear your head in the evening. This way you are completely relaxed when you come home.”

Mark Cox - Full Stack Developer

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