Daily Fresh Food customer case

Daily Fresh Food is the largest supplier of fresh products in the south of the Netherlands. They serve over 600 business customer on a daily basis from a range of 15,000 fresh products and ready-made meals. Their customer base consists of diners to restaurants and from retirement homes to academic hospitals. Through years of continuous growth, Daily Fresh Food has created a perfect fulfillment chain - from order to processing to on-time delivery. No less than 98 percent of orders are now received online, using the Intershop Commerce Platform.

Retirement homes are the largest share of Daily Fresh food’s customers base. These often have hundreds of residents, all of whom may have very specific nutritional needs, which makes the preparation and processing of orders of a retirement home a very complex task. Most of the orders are extremely large and consist of countless line items. Besides being an expert in healthy food, daily fresh food also had to be a hero in processing enormous and difficult orders.

To improve efficiency and accuracy, customers are encouraged to order online. So there had to be a platform on which customers can order quickly and easily, which also had to be an excellent basis for reliable deliveries.

The shop works as customers are used to in a B2C e-commerce store, with excellent navigation supplemented with structured and personalized information. The Daily Fresh Food store includes features in the customer account area such as order templates for both daily and weekly use. Furthermore, there are product images so that customers can visualize their orders, icons indicating quality and pop-ups with information such as calorie count or carbohydrate content.

In addition, even for large orders of over 1500 line-items, a fast response is no problem. They can be submitted quickly with an average load time of less than a second, where in the past this would take several minutes.

“I am delighted with the process. We had fantastic support from our Intershop partner Fenego, who was responsible for customization as well as security and performance testing.”

Roel Van Alebeek - E-commerce Architect at Daily Fresh Food

Daily Fresh Food has been using Intershop since 2016. In 2018, the company upgraded to version 7.10 of the Intershop Commerce Platform. The upgraded version offers a number of important new features and better performance. Moreover, the PWA (Progressive Web App), is an outstanding platform for delivering new services. 

A clear example of the usefulness of a PWA can be found with one of Daily Fresh Food's largest customer types, namely hospitals. Hospitals have a highly fluctuating patient population. This can be quite challenging in terms of ordering and processing meals, as each of these patients has their own individual needs. Whereas in most cases all meal orders are collected on paper, the Daily Fresh Food PWA makes it possible to enter the order at the patient's bedside. These individual orders are then automatically collected into a single bulk order. The digitization of this process makes it easy to provide a personalized service despite frequent changes of service users and drastically reduces the workload.

The Daily Fresh Food e-commerce shop is upgraded to the new version of Intershop Commerce Platform, where Fenego is responsible for customization as well as security and performance testing. Because Daily Fresh Food already uses a range of Microsoft products, it made sense to make the switch from an on-premises Oracle database to a hybrid SQL Server solution as part of the upgrade. 

The new, more homogeneous architecture has given Daily Fresh Food a significant performance boost. Response times are short, even for very large orders, and the platform's stability is excellent. The persona-oriented approach ensures the best customer experience along the buyer journey. Using Fenego's expertise, Daily Fresh Food is now 100% ready for its future growth ambitions and is already attracting interest from a number of new rest/nursing homes and hospitals.

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