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Intershop inpulse 2019

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inpulse 2019

As strategic Intershop partner, Fenego will attend the upcoming Intershop inpulse event. Besides joining inspiring talks and meet-ups, Fenego will host a keynote concerning the recent upgrade track for one of our customers, Daily Fresh Food.

Roel Van Alebeek, Solution Architect at Daily Fresh Food, will talk you through the migration project towards Intershop 7.10, which Fenego successfully completed for Daily Fresh Food. As part of the upgrade, Fenego also supported in the transition towards Microsoft SQL Server.  

Moreover, a Microsoft representative will join Roel on stage to highlight the importance and benefits of adopting Microsoft SQL Server for your business.

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Nov 14, 2019


Dusseldorf, DE

Customer case

Daily Fresh Food

Keynote track

Track 3


How to successfully migrate to Intershop 7.10 and adopt Microsoft SQL Server

How Daily Fresh Food successfully adopted Microsoft SQL Server for Intershop, and was the first - but certainly not the last - to embrace this solution.

This keynote is essential for everyone who is looking for business opportunities which involve an Intershop 7.10 upgrade, especially in combination with Microsoft SQL. We will go into detail on the migration track towards Intershop 7.10 for our customer Daily Fresh Food and the accompanying adoption of MS SQL server.

In addition to the lecture of Roel, a Microsoft representative will highlight the business values and advantages of MS SQL over Oracle.

High-level topics:

  • What were the key drivers to choose for migration to Intershop 7.10 and trust Microsoft SQL as a high availability database?
  • Which approach has been used to migrate?
  • What are the results of the migration?
About our customer

Daily Fresh Food

Daily Fresh Food is a supplier of vegetables, fruit, meat, fish and groceries for hospitality, cure, care and home consumers. Their offer extends from fresh to frozen, groceries and meals to concepts.

Daily Fresh Food is considered as a market leader in its distinct food business and demands a powerful commerce suite like the Intershop Commerce Suite. Moreover, the full-service digital commerce platform is involved in 98% of all business. Over 125.000 order lines are fulfilled each week through online commerce.

Fenego supported Daily Fresh Food in the transformation of their technology stack towards a complex and cutting-edge solution.

Daily Fresh Food

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